"The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing "

Tom Fishburne

Bunny is a pure-play digital marketing agency with a goal of helping brands grow, through powerful strategy and creative modern design. Our dedicated team of graphic designers, SEO specialists and social media experts, and web developers will handle it all from writing wireframes and content to building scalable websites, landing pages, and social media campaigns.

Our Clients

We create a variety of products and services ranging from graphics design,

What we offer

SEO and Content marketing

SEO and Content Marketing have recently become indistinguishable parts of most successful digital marketing campaigns. As the use of content in all aspects of digital marketing becomes more normalized, so do the two.
The goal of SEO is twofold:

Social media marketing and management

Marketing and management on social media are about having a good strategy for your brand/company, its social media content, and targeting. Marketing does not mean spending money on advertising; instead, it’s creating content that inspires more people to like your page, follow you, and communicate with you on social media.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy is the culmination of a lot of things: analytics, social media, SEO, email marketing, and mobile. As a business grows or changes, it’s important to evaluate your digital strategy and review how you’re using your current assets. This can help you to define your long-term goals and make strategic decisions about how to continue to deliver value to customers in their digital experience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing. It’s a soft sell, it can be used to educate the customer about your product, and it can also be a way for you to create customer loyalty.